Leittia Knight (a.k.a. "The Spiritual Gansta") is the founder of Authenticity Movement, where the mission is to inspire you to be authentically you. We truly believe that everyone deserves to live and not just survive. There are many struggles that we encounter along the journey of life such as managing stress, loss, grief, illness and relationships. Authenticity Movement is here to help you create space in your life to nurture a long term meditation practice, allowing balance to be restored in your BE-ing.


Meditation is a mind-body practice, that has many scientifically proven benefits. A few of those benefits are (but not limited to):

  • Stress reduction

  • Emotional regulation

  • Improved overall health and well being

  • A greater sense of connection to your authentic self, your family and community

Meditation benefits all areas of your life.


Authenticity Movement offers mindfulness meditation sessions in private (1:1 and group), corporate and educational settings. Authenticity Movement is a proud vendor for Keller ISD.


Leittia Knight a.k.a "The Spiritual Gansta"

  • Certified SOMA Mindfulness Teacher

  • 32 hours of Youth Mindfulness training through Mindful Schools

  • Ubuntu Healing Circle Facilitator (healing space for people of African ancestry)

  • ASCP Board Certified Laboratory Scientist

  • Public Speaker


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Meet The Team

A'Mya Knight is the Media Manager for Authenticity Movement and the inspiration that drives the vision, for the Movement.


"I participated in the meditation & intention setting New Years Eve event and the words that were spoken blessed my Spirit. It was confirmation from God. The environment was relaxing and Leittia Knight's personality is so loving and warm!"

Candace T.

"My family and I enjoyed the sound bath! They all had positive things to say and look forward to your next event! Thank you so much!"

Kathye H.

"Truly inspiring!"

LaToya M.