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HEY, HI, HELLO. I am Leittia Knight a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, sound healer, Community Healing Network Ubuntu Healing Circle Facilitator and an ASCP board certified Laboratory Scientist. I utilize scientific research, ancient wisdom as well as the SOUL of connection, to facilitate well being. As I serve it is my desire to co-create containers of healing and wellness for everyone. Authenticity Movement was founded  on the belief that mindfulness; the focused awareness on the present moment, affords us the opportunity to come back home to our authentic self. Breaking away from old ways of thinking and be-ing is no easy task for anyone however; it is necessary as we move to remember who we already are. From this moment forward, I invite you to stop becoming and simply be.



Authenticity Movement partners with individuals, non profits and corporations to provide trauma informed mindfulness and sound therapy. 

Mindful Meditation


Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention to the present moment with curiousity and as little judgement as possible. Through mindfulness we discover a way to develop a stillness in the midst of activity. Meditation is the practice of training the brain to be present. To meditate is to discover new possibilities and awaken our capacity to live more wisely. The practice is our teacher.

Sound Bath

(Sound Therapy)

A sound bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as  singing bowls, percussion, chimes, and even the human voice itself. While there are many types of sound therapies, all of them help to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies, which can in turn lead us back to optimal well being.

Some Benefits of Mindfulness and Sound Therapy
  • Stress reduction

  • Decreased anxiety and depression

  • Pain reduction

  • Improved memory

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Decreased risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Improved overall well being

"Connecting with the authentic self is less about discovery and more about remembering who you already are."

-Leittia Knight, Founder

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